Dawn of Hope

Dawn of Hope

Año: 1937

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Género: Drama  

Director: Antonio Sau Olite 

Dawn of Hope
"Dawn of Hope" (1937) is a film made by Antonio Sau for the anarchist union the CNT and is also one of the most important social films made ​​in Spain. Keep in mind that was filmed at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, when the revolutionary impulse still held firm. In this respect, tells the story of John, a worker who has just become unemployed, their effort to get a new, impossible to work in a country with more than three million unemployed at the time, as it says in the film. John's wife also takes a humiliating job to feed their children. Outraged by this and seeing the conformism of the people, John ends up as a social agitator.
Elenco: Félix de Pomés , Enriqueta Soler , Román González 'Chispita' , Ana María Campoy , Pilar Torres , José Sanchíz , Gregoria Millán , Juana Mansó , Modesto Cid , Salvador Arnaldo , Ernesto Campoy , Alfredo Hornos , Eduardo Blanca .

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