Candice Renoir

Candice Renoir

Estado: Currently airing

Año: 2013

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Género: Comedy  Crime  

Director: Solen Roy-Pagenault Robin Barataud Brigitte Peskine 

Candice Renoir
After staying away from the professional world for ten years, Candice Renoir, blonde and mother of four, is commander-in-chief of a group of investigators.
Elenco: Cécile Bois , Raphaël Lenglet , Gaya Verneuil , Samira Lachhab , Stéphane Blancafort , Ali Marhyar , Delphine Rich , Natalie Boutefeu , Mhamed Arezki , Alix Poisson , Alexandre Varga .