Mega Man

Mega Man

Estado: Ended

Año: 1994

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Género: Animation  

Director: Keiji Inafune 

Mega Man
Mega Man is a robot created by a brilliant scientist named Dr. Light, who hoped many his many creations would only be used for good. One day however, a mad scientist named Dr. Wily stole Light's original 6 robots and creation plans. From them he began creating a whole new series of robots, with one goal... World Domination! But Dr. Light gave Mega Man the ultimate trump card when he built him. Mega Man possesses the ability to absorb the powers of other robots. Now Mega Man and his best friend, a robotic dog named Rush fight for everlasting peace against the evil Dr. Wily!
Elenco: Ian James Corlett , Jim Byrnes , Garry Chalk , Scott McNeil , Robyn Ross , Richard Newman .

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